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Treatment through herbs and herbal formulas (a specific combination of herbs) is popular in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Often, this treatment method is combined with others, like acupuncture. Yet, for some ailments, herbs are the only—and even best—treatment.


In TCM, the term “herb” refers to more than just parts of plants (rhizome, root, leaf, etc.). Some are minerals, such as fossils, mica, pyrite, and borax. Some are animal-based, such as insects, venoms, and bones. Please mention any dietary restrictions as they may affect the herbal recommendations. Some traditional ingredients are no longer used, for various reasons. These ingredients have appropriate substitutions. The clinic stocks formulas produced and distributed by reputable companies, many of which maintain GMP standards. Please inquire with any concerns about certain herbs or for more information about suppliers.


Herbs and formulas stock at Changing Elements.

Patent TCM herb formulas and dietary supplements used at Changing Elements.

Changing Elements primarily uses patent herbal formulas—a patented specific combination of herbal ingredients in a set ratio. Patent formulas most often come in a pill form (shaped and sized like a BB pellet) and generally require 2-3 doses a day of 4-12 pills per dose. The start of an herbal regimen may begin with more pills per dose or fewer pills per dose for a short period. However, herbal treatments rarely continue indefinitely: no longer needed or treatment requires a different combination of herbs. The clinic also uses some topical formulas for muscle pain, cuts, burns, and other conditions. If requested, the clinic can order teas (usually dissolvable granules of a herb or a formula) or even raw herbs for the herbal treatment.


As the clinic draws on the techniques from both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine, you may receive a recommendation for dietary supplements such as glutathione, magnesium, and others.

Changing Elements stocks common herbs, formulas, and supplements and will order others upon request or need. The clinic also offers consultations for discussing herbal recommendations, proper doses, and tracking the prognosis of an herbal treatment.