Cupping Service

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Cupping is used to relieve pain and tension by promoting circulation in the treatment area. The suction of the cup helps relieve any micro stagnations in the area caused by congested blood flow. After treatment, a person sometimes has marks, similar to the light bruising called “strawberries.” While it may look unpleasant, these marks do not hurt and only last for a few days.

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners may use glass, bamboo, clay, iron, plastic, and silicon cups. The treatment area is lubricated with a massage oil of some kind before application. The oil provides a more consistent suction and also allows the practitioner to slide the cups along the skin to treat a larger area. Sometimes, practitioners may use fire cupping—a cotton swab soaked in alcohol is lit, then the swab is swiftly inserted and withdrawn from the cup and the quickly placed on the skin. This creates a vacuum that pulls the skin into the cup. At Changing Elements, we use plastic cups with a hand suction pump to provide fine control over the suction pressure and to prevent fire hazards during treatment.