Allergies Service

The Allergy Kit image

At Changing Elements, I make use of The Allergy Kit which has a similar approach to the NAET allergy reduction method. A small laser is shined over various points while you hold a vial. After a few passes, the treatment is done and your reaction to the substance should be reduced. We make use of the standard seven vials (described below) as well as a stress vial to improve your health. While the stress vial can be done independently, all other vials must be done in conjunction with each other for a total of seven treatments. After these vials are completed, specific vials can be ordered for further treatments. The seven vials are:

  • Vial 1: treats chicken, egg, milk,cheese, calcium, vitamin C, and parasites.
  • Vial 2: treats sugar and B vitamins.
  • Vial 3: treats heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, toxins, and petroleum products.
  • Vial 4: treats vaccines and childhood vaccinations.
  • Vial 5: treats sugars, again, but this time with candida.
  • Vial 6: treats wheat, gluten, grains (including pasta).
  • Vial 7: a combination of vials 1 through 6 and is also used for organs and endocrines.

Vial 7 finishes the process and treats food combination allergens. Since we eat foods together, it is important to treat them together in the same vial.