Acupuncture Service

Acupuncture Service image

Changing Elements uses standard acupuncture needles which are prepackaged, single use, and sterilized. The needles are quite thin—much smaller than a sewing needle—and, often, the insertion is painless. Acupuncture utilizes various points around the body (acupoints) to stimulate the body’s self-healing and repairing mechanisms via nerves, blood vessels, and lymphatics.

Electrical stimulation image

Erik Jackson applying electrical stimulation, or e-stim, to acupuncture needles.

At times, electrical stimulation is implemented in the treatment, especially when treating a neurological issue (such as sciatica) or muscle pain.

Changing Elements makes use of the standard acupuncture system—as taught in Traditional Chinese Medicine literature—as well as scalp acupoints, ear acupoints, and neuromuscular-based approaches for specific issues. However, the clinic does not make use of moxibustion (a practice of burning moxa around an acupoint) inside the clinic. This restriction is due to: 1) insufficient ventilation, and 2) an odor that may trigger symptoms in patients susceptible to scents. If moxa is determined to be an appropriate treatment option, then instructions can be provided regarding the proper administration and precautions for moxibustion.