Treatment Services

Herbs and Formulas Service

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A popular modality in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), herbs are often combined with other modalities, like acupuncture. Some ailments are treated only—and even best—with herbs. Not all TCM herbs are plants; some are minerals or animal-based. Please mention if you have dietary restrictions so they are accounted for in the herbal treatment. Some traditional ingredients are no longer used, for various reasons, and have appropriate substitutions. The clinic stocks formulas produced and distributed by reputable companies, many of which maintain GMP standards.

Acupuncture Service

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The clinic uses standard acupuncture needles (thin, prepackaged, single use, and sterilized) and may incorporate electrical stimulation (when treating neurological issues or muscle pain). Treatments use the standard acupuncture system—as taught in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) literature—of various points around the body (acupoints) to stimulate the body’s self-healing and repairing mechanisms via nerves, blood vessels, and lymphatics. The clinic also uses scalp acupoints, ear acupoints, and neuromuscular-based approaches for specific issues.

Allergies Service

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We make use a treatment method similar to the NAET allergy reduction method. With The Allergy Kit, a small laser is shined over various points while you hold one of seven vials. After a few passes, the treatment is complete and you should have a reduced reaction to the substance. To improve your health, we make use of the standard seven vials over seven treatment sessions.

  • Vial 1: treats chicken, egg, milk,cheese, calcium, vitamin C, and parasites in the first treatment.
  • Vial 2: treats sugar and B vitamins.
  • Vial 3: treats heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, toxins, and petroleum products.
  • Vial 4: treats vaccines and childhood vaccinations.
  • Vial 5: treats sugars, again, but this time with candida.
  • Vial 6: treats wheat, gluten, grains (including pasta).
  • Vial 7: a combination of vials 1 through 6 and is also used for organs and endocrines.

Cupping Service

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Cupping is used to relieve pain and tension by promoting circulation in the treatment area. The suction of the cup helps relieve any micro stagnations in the area caused by congested blood flow. After treatment, a person sometimes has marks, similar to the light bruising called “strawberries.” While it may look unpleasant, these marks do not hurt and only last for a few days. TCM practitioners may use glass, bamboo, clay, iron, plastic, or silicon cups. Often, the treatment area is lubricated with a massage oil before application.