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From Chaos to Calm

Erik Jackson, Lic. Ac. One comments
From Chaos to Calm

With the election over and the holidays fast approaching, it may be wise to revisit some of the principles of stoicism which I have spoken on before in a podcast.

Podcast – Mental Stress Management and Stoicism

Erik Jackson, Lic. Ac. No Comments

I know others who are incredible people and have done great work, only to be laid low by Parkinson’s, Chronic Fatigue, mental disorders, and other horrible conditions or situations. These conditions wreck their ability to work, ruin their finances, strain their relationships, sap their enjoyment of life, and destroy their bodies.

And for what reason do they suffer? How is any of this their fault?

There is no reason. And they are not to blame.

I am certain that you, or someone you know, has dealt with or is dealing with a tremendous life struggle. Pain is universal, we have all had it or been affected by it at some point. Pain defines and shapes our actions and personalities. It allows us to be more empathetic, but also more jaded. Ultimately, pain has no reason, it just is, and we must manage it.

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