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Podcast – First Podcast! Training of Acupuncturists and a Discussion About Fatigue.

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As this is the first podcast, I would like to spend some time addressing some questions and clearing up some misconceptions people might have about acupuncture. The first question people seem to have is: what can an acupuncturist do? Many people think that acupuncturists just stick needles into someone to help with pain and that’s it. And that acupuncture works by this strange thing called “qi” which sounds like the Force in Star Wars. Well, acupuncture does work on pain and there are several explanations of qi that are rather wild, but there is more to it than that.

Hypothesis on the Mechanism of Therapeutic Action in Acupuncture

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  Acupuncture has been around for three millennium. It has been used to lower blood pressure, treat stroke, induce anesthetic effects, relieve pain and stress, assist with delivery and menopause, reduce heartburn and a plethora of other conditions; yet the mechanism of action by which acupuncture demonstrates its effects is

Yin Wei Meridian

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Naming: Chinese name:  Yin Wei Mai Alternative name: Yin Link Meridian/Organ Features: Most active time    Night Dermatones: C2- L4 Relationships with other meridians –  The yin wei along with the yang wei have influence over the wei, and ying qi. The yin and yang wei meridians communicate the status of

Revision of the Meridians of the Dorsal Aspect of the Body

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In his article “Chinese Medicine Demystified1” Chris Kresser explained that the meridians of Chinese Medicine were an invention of Georges Soulie de Morant who translated the Huang Di Nei Jing into French. The meridians came about when de Morant studied Chinese anatomical diagrams that featured the acupuncture points, then drew

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