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Easy, natural alternatives to icing injuries

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Crunch! Well, that is a sprained ankle. Time to apply ice, let the swelling go down, and move on. Not so fast. See, in recent years the practice of icing injuries has come under scrutiny and after reading up on aches, pains, and other injuries, I am inclined to give

No More Shingles

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Shingles have come up a couple times this past week so this article is dedicated to that. Until the chicken pox vaccine came out, most of us would get the virus as a kid, itch for awhile, and then be done with it. Once you had chicken pox you generally

Escaping Your Body’s Prison

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My body is a prison.

Everything hurts.

I cannot keep this up.

How do I make this stop?

If you are chronically ill, these may be your thoughts. Something is going to give soon and it is going to be you but, not in the way you currently think.

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