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So this post is more of a clinic announcements than educational info, but there is plenty to discuss. 30-day Dietary Challenge I have encouraged many of my clients to consider a Paleo diet, and I have even adapted the practice myself. However, it has been awhile since I did the

Tension and Training

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Tension and Training

I am a physically active person and have been for several years. As a result of a highly active lifestyle, I understand the frustrations and inconvenience of injuries, aches, and sprains. Muscle tension usually works against our will, keeping us down, and gets in the way of our goals.


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“You have had this condition for how long?” “Oh, about 30 years.” I was shocked. I was an intern at the time and my patient just told me that he was in pain longer than I had been alive. While this is an extreme example, I saw a number of

Blood Stasis

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Blood Stasis Blood Stasis is most classically defined as the bruising one develops after one’s knees find locate a piece of furniture in a dark room. More broadly, blood stasis in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is any impairment of blood circulation, which can have a variety of causes. What can

Leftovers (and Weight Loss)

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What is it?: With Thanksgiving nearly upon us leftovers are a very common problem this time of year, and most everyone seems to suffer from this condition. Leftovers are caused when too much food is made and not enough people eat it. Unfortunately the reverse of this condition, excessive weight

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