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Vitamin K2 Sources for Your Bone Health

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Front, side, and back views of the human skeleton.

K2 is an important vitamin not typically found in the standard American diet and is specifically beneficial to activating vitamin D and calcium in the production of bone tissue.

Does Acupuncture Work?

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The title of this article is the same as one of the most common questions I have been asked. It is a question that is problematic because it is incomplete. If someone asks ‘does acupuncture work?’ that gives me very little. A better question would be ‘what does acupuncture work

Life on Your Terms

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Today’s article is one that I have had some resistance to writing as it explores a motivation to managing stress which some may have difficulty with.  The motivation is that it is your duty to those around you to keep your emotions and stress in check. Much of the time,

No More Shingles

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Shingles have come up a couple times this past week so this article is dedicated to that. Until the chicken pox vaccine came out, most of us would get the virus as a kid, itch for awhile, and then be done with it. Once you had chicken pox you generally

Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions

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I want to lose weight. I want to be a better person. I want more control over my life. These are some of the most common goals that people have with the coming of a new year. In the past, I have talked about the stoic philosophy and how that

Our Daily Pain

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I hurt everywhere. I cannot sleep. I cannot think. Why is this happening? Fibromyalgia is a nasty condition. It wrecks lives and leaves its victims weak and in pain. It is also a condition with many symptoms and few answers. There is no conclusive cause for the condition and at

The Wonders of Acupuncture

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“So you are going to stick needles into me…and this will make me feel better?” “Yes.” “I’m not sure about this.” This sort of conversation, while usually not so blatant, is typical of the daily interactions of acupuncturists and the public. Acupuncturists are sometimes viewed as witch doctors and even

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