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The Importance of K2

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Front, side, and back views of the human skeleton.

K2 is a supplement which may help to reduce your pain, improve your nerves, and even improve your mood.

From Chaos to Calm

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From Chaos to Calm

With the election over and the holidays fast approaching, it may be wise to revisit some of the principles of stoicism which I have spoken on before in a podcast.

Why Do I Hurt?

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Why are some people in pain even after their body healed?

Who Should I See?

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I pulled a back muscle working around the house.

My shoulders are so tight after a workout.

It hurts when I move a certain way and, I have muscle spasms.

Who should I see about this?

Escaping Your Body’s Prison

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My body is a prison.

Everything hurts.

I cannot keep this up.

How do I make this stop?

If you are chronically ill, these may be your thoughts. Something is going to give soon and it is going to be you but, not in the way you currently think.

Natural Nutrition to Make Pain Go Away

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How do I get rid of this pain?

I am tired of waking up and feeling terrible from another night of tossing and turning.

I don’t want to take another pill with even more side effects.

Is there some simple, natural, way that I can take care of this?


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“You have had this condition for how long?” “Oh, about 30 years.” I was shocked. I was an intern at the time and my patient just told me that he was in pain longer than I had been alive. While this is an extreme example, I saw a number of

What can Traditional Chinese Medicine Do?

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient form of healthcare that has been around for three thousand years. In that time the modalities of TCM have seen many health conditions. The TCM approach is holistic, which takes the body as a complete system. This is a very similar approach to

Blood Stasis

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Blood Stasis Blood Stasis is most classically defined as the bruising one develops after one’s knees find locate a piece of furniture in a dark room. More broadly, blood stasis in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is any impairment of blood circulation, which can have a variety of causes. What can

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