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Qi in Media

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We’ve all seen the movies where marital artists fly through the air, Asian monks levitate off the ground in their meditation, and even throw energy blasts out of their hands. These powers are attributed to qi and when you master this energy you will gain self discipline, tranquility, and superpowers.

Acupuncture in the Media

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Is your acupuncturist kung fu fighting?  Can we trust the media portrayal of acupuncture in martial arts films?

How Fast will you Heal?

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In my practice I see many people who have been in pain for months or even years. Like anyone in pain they want to how long it will take to get better.

I Feel Sick But My Blood Work Is Normal

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Normal Isn't Normal Anymore

The sad fact is that ‘normal’ isn’t normal anymore.

Does Acupuncture Work?

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Acupuncture Service image

The title of this article is the same as one of the most common questions I have been asked. It is a question that is problematic because it is incomplete. If someone asks ‘does acupuncture work?’ that gives me very little. A better question would be ‘what does acupuncture work

Life on Your Terms

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Today’s article is one that I have had some resistance to writing as it explores a motivation to managing stress which some may have difficulty with.  The motivation is that it is your duty to those around you to keep your emotions and stress in check. Much of the time,

No More Shingles

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Shingles have come up a couple times this past week so this article is dedicated to that. Until the chicken pox vaccine came out, most of us would get the virus as a kid, itch for awhile, and then be done with it. Once you had chicken pox you generally

Our Daily Pain

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I hurt everywhere. I cannot sleep. I cannot think. Why is this happening? Fibromyalgia is a nasty condition. It wrecks lives and leaves its victims weak and in pain. It is also a condition with many symptoms and few answers. There is no conclusive cause for the condition and at

Stop Hating Your Guts

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Do you feel tired? Do you have sore muscles? Decreased sex drive? Depressed? Well this isn’t an ad for some new wonder drug, but if those symptoms sound like you then your body may be telling you something. The food we eat is important. It powers our body, gives us

Why Do I Hurt There?!

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Why Do I Hurt There?


You just fell and now the right side of your back is sore. That’s normal, you fell on that side.

Wait a minute! Why does your left side hurt too?

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