B All You Can B

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B All You Can B

There is a lot of talk about B vitamins, particularly B6 and B12, as new research explains how they play into stress management, bone health, digestion of wheat and protein, and nerve function.


Strengthen your baseline to reach high.

The Weston A. Price diet mentioned in a previous article,”Natural Nutrition to Make Pain Go Away,” gives nutrition suggestions which include a number of foods high in B vitamins. The highest amount of B vitamins are found in organ meats, fish, and animal products, such as eggs and milk. There are a few vegetable and grain sources for B6, as the NIH shows in their Dietary Supplement Fact Sheet on B6. B12 is found in fortified cereals but, it is otherwise only available in meat or animal products. The NIH Dietary Supplement Fact Sheet on B12 expands on its role.

Much like vitamin D, the B vitamins require a healthy gut and kidneys for proper absorption into the body. As such, people suffering from Crohn’s Disease or impaired kidney function may be deficient in B vitamins. B12 is stored in the liver, so an impairment there may decrease the amount of B12 available. Likewise, vegetarians and vegans may find it necessary to supplement their B intake, especially B12, due to scarce sources.

In Oriental medicine, the body needs the right nutrition to work properly. The types of nutrition that each of your organs requires differs, but the baseline will be the same and B vitamins are part of that baseline. Body aches? Feel bad after eating pasta? Just feel down for no particular reason? It may be that you are low on B vitamins or, that your organs need some assistance to process healthy food in order to help you heal and live a richer life.

8 Herbs for Headaches

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8 Herbs for Headaches

Whether addressing life situations, dealing with finances, or listening to the news, we all have triggers for headaches. The following herb information will help you address these nuisances, and give you ideas for what else the herbs can treat. Most of these herbs are available in your local natural grocery store, in the supplement section, or you can consult with an acupuncturist knowledgeable in Chinese Medicine herbology. It is recommended that you speak with a medical professional before using these supplements. Read More

Why Do I Hurt?

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We all have felt pain. Whether from catching a finger in a door, a sports injury, a pulled shoulder muscle, and even headaches; everyone has dealt with pain. However, the pain does not end for some. The cause could be improper or inadequate healing of the body but, sometimes there is no apparent reason. For these people, the pain persists in spite of surgery and consulting with doctors.

Why are they different? Why are some people in pain even after their body healed? Read More

Who Should I See?

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I pulled a back muscle working around the house.

My shoulders are so tight after a workout.

It hurts when I move a certain way and, I have muscle spasms.

Who should I see about this?

This is a question that many people have. There are several health care providers out there, and you want the best care without:

  • Paying a lot of money trying to find the right person for you.
  • Working on expensive treatments which either:
    • Don’t take care of the problem, or
    • Do more than you need.

Let’s take a look at some of the aches and pains you have and see who is the best practitioner for you to choose. Read More

Escaping Your Body’s Prison

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My body is a prison.

Everything hurts.

I cannot keep this up.

How do I make this stop?

If you are chronically ill, these may be your thoughts. You probably saw many different doctors who prescribed you a pharmacy’s worth of pills and supplements; yet, you can barely manage to get out of bed. You do not go out for fear of reacting to something. You do not entertain. Life is not worth living. Something is going to give soon and it is going to be you but, not in the way you currently think. Read More

Two Things to Know Before You Have Surgery

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You have had it.

You are tired of being in pain and having your body fall apart.

It is time to fix this now and deal with it for good.

It is time to have…surgery.

Surgery is a big decision. It can lay you up for weeks, be very expensive, and there is a lot of anxiety often associated with it. Yet, surgeons are some of the most well-trained medical professionals, and several operations are quite safe and relatively simple to perform. At times, surgery is the only reasonable option and many times it works quite well. However, there are two important things which everyone should realize before they have surgery. Read More

Natural Nutrition to Make Pain Go Away

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Healthy meals image

How do I get rid of this pain?

I am tired of waking up and feeling terrible from another night of tossing and turning.

I don’t want to take another pill with even more side effects.

Is there some simple, natural, way that I can take care of this?

Pain has a way of getting our attention, making us change, and focusing on our health. While it may take awhile, ultimately, it becomes an issue which we can no longer put off. When we are ready to take control of our lives and deal with the pain, we start looking for ways to improve our lives. Read More

The Missing Piece in Bone and Joint Health

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Front, side, and back views of the human skeleton.

Snap, crackle, pop.

That isn’t your breakfast cereal; it’s your bones.

So now what? You could get surgery if it is a joint or back issue, but sometimes those implants do not fix the problem. You don’t want to be laid up for a long recovery after the procedure—you have a life, job, and family which depends on you. You know that vitamin D and calcium are good for bone health, and they are part of your multi-vitamin, yet still, here you are. What is missing? Read More

Eating While Traveling

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For those of you who were wondering, I was out of the clinic recently for nearly a week. I participated in a 5K run with my 92-year-old grandfather, saw my niece and two nephews, did a lot of driving, and got far more exposure to fast food than I really cared for. Travel and busy schedules can demand more expedient dining choices instead of healthy ones. However, I did notice a few ways to make the experience less taxing on my body.

For startersburger-clipart-niEy5ndrT, America is saturated with burger joints for fast food dining options. You can also find a number of representatives for chicken, tacos, and even a few Asian places as well. Attempting to eat healthily, or at least less poorly, can be a challenge—especially if you are traveling with someone who insists on stopping at every Texas stop sign there is (a.k.a. Dairy Queen). Here are my recommendations for healthier choices:

If you can, eat Chinese.

The soy sauce may be problematic but, you will get vegetables other than potatoes from these places. I believe Jack in the Box has a teriyaki chicken rice bowl as well. If you sit down to eat, even better, as this allows you to decompress from driving and you won’t return to that stressed state as fast.

Eat chili.

Both Wendy’s and Braum’s have this as an option, and it gets you away from gluten and burgers even while still eating beef.

Choose the grilled chicken.

A number of burger places offer chicken sandwich and nugget options. If you get the grilled chicken, you remove the gluten found in some batters, especially if you do not eat the bun, and less oil/fat with the fried oil out of the picture.

Drink something other than soda.

While water is certainly best, a number of restaurants do serve lemonade and even juices. These are generally not as hard on the body as the “brown liquid” options.

Eat a salad.

I admit that I am not a salad eater. Personally, I typically get my vegetables from soups or stir fries, Yet, having some veggies while you drive is a good idea and the vegetarian choice in many places defaults to salad, so it’s often available.

Pack your food.

Most of the good food choices will require a cooler and may not be practical on a trip but, there are a few items you can have that will keep for a little while:

  1. Carrots
  2. Nuts
  3. Cauliflower
  4. Apples
  5. Oranges
  6. Pears
  7. Snap peas
  8. Green beans
  9. Dried fruit and veggies

This is by no means a comprehensive list of suggestions, but I hope it has gotten you thinking. Resisting the temptation of convenience is one part, and the second part is not feeling defeated by a lack of choices. Travel well. Eat well. Be well.

Acupuncture and Lupus

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Do you or someone you know have lupus? Are you looking for an effective treatment to improve your quality of life? Acupuncture may have the solution for you.

What is it?:
Lupus is an autoimmune disease with symptoms similar to fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. Lupus is a chronic inflammatory condition which affects systemic-lupus-erythematosusthe joints, skin, lungs, nervous system and kidneys. This condition is much more prevalent in women than men, and typically manifests between the ages of 20-40.

The American College of Rheumatology has a list of symptoms and other measures that doctors can use as a guide to decide if a patient with symptoms has lupus. If your doctor finds that you have at least four of these problems, and finds no other reason for them, you may have lupus:
–  butterfly-shaped rash over the cheeks — referred to as malar rash
–  red rash with raised round or oval patches — known as discoid rash
rash on skin exposed to the sun

Mouth sores
Lung or heart inflammation: swelling of the tissue lining the lungs or the heart, which can cause chest pain when breathing deeply
Kidney problem: blood or protein in the urine, or tests that suggest poor kidney function
Neurologic problem: seizures, strokes or psychosis
Abnormal blood tests:
–  low blood cell counts: anemia, low white blood cells or low platelets
–  positive antinuclear antibody: referred to as ANA and present in nearly all patients with lupus
–  certain antibodies that show an immune system problem: anti-double-strand DNA (called anti-dsDNA),anti-Smith (referred to as anti-Sm) or antiphospholipid antibodies, or a false-positive blood test for syphilis

What can Traditional Chinese Medicine do to help this?
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), can:
control pain sensations via down regulating the autonomic nervous system
decrease inflammation and reduce rashes
improve circulation and the function of your organs
improve the quality of your sleep
increase your energy

Between these approaches, we can decrease and potentially reverse your symptoms. For lupus, the holistic focus of TCM would be to address and remove any inflammatory agents in the body while improving your overall picture of health and quality of life. TCM is also a flexible treatment modality which can adapt quickly to manage and prevent flare ups and new symptoms. TCM can also offer herbal supplements and dietary advice to address imbalances in the immune system and to counteract the side effects of any medications you may be on. By collaborating with your rhemuatologist we can offer a personalized treatment plan to address the root issues through ongoing, flexible care until such time as the condition is resolved or at a maintenance only level.


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