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Raking, a treatment method used at Changing Elements

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in learning more about Changing Elements Acupuncture and Herbs, thus improving your health! I help people improve their lives and your visit here is a step towards that.

I’m Erik Jackson, the licensed acupuncturist (Lic. Ac.) and owner of Changing Elements. Here, you receive prompt individualized care with little or no waiting, unlike spending half a day for a one-hour doctor appointment. While the overall duration of care is different for each person, I provide a personalized treatment plan. This plan is an estimate of the number of treatments and the duration of care needed for your current issue. Your treatment may be longer or shorter due to the response in treatment, which is a normal part of the process. Also, I provide suggestions for how you can expedite your healing and manage your long-term health.

I focus on relieving chronic pain and treating anxiety, and through the integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, modern approaches to treatment, and nutrition, I help you live your life with greater control and energy as your health improves. Most of all, we address your health concerns together, at their source, and strive for the life you wish.

You make a difference in your health with your choices, and today you are almost there. So, take that next step.

Book online or call (940) 441-5404 and schedule a consultation or treatment with me. Visit the pages and articles on this site and learn about Changing Elements. Most of all, learn how acupuncture and herbs can help your health.

Meet the Acupuncturist

Helping you enjoy life and all the excitement it can offer without pain and exhaustion.

Erik Jackson, Lic. Ac. #AC01296

Owner & Acupuncturist

Erik Jackson graduated in 2011 from Texas Health and Science University in with a Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Practicing at his current location since 2014, Erik focuses on reducing pain and helping clients live full and active lives.