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Vitamin K2 is an important vitamin not typically found in the standard American diet. K2 is specifically beneficial to activating vitamin D and calcium in the production of bone tissue by moving these vitamins from the blood into the bones. In fact, it is so important in this capacity that if you are trying to improve your bone density, then not having a good source of vitamin K2 in your diet will mean your efforts are probably moot.

Vitamin K2 is produced in your intestines, which means that poor intestinal function from diverticulitis, Chron’s Disease, IBS, or diabetes, could impair your body’s natural production of K2. A good probiotic with certain bacillus strains will stimulate the immune system and help your intestines to generate vitamin K2. As this is the way your body is most suited for handling this vitamin it is my top recommendation, through a good probiotic. That stated if you are suffering from one of the digestion conditions I mentioned you may need to focus on the improvement of your organ function before or in addition to getting vitamin K2 into your body.

Taking all of this a step further, your thyroid plays a big role in how your body works with vitamin D. If your thyroid is impaired then you will have limited success with supplementing with vitamin D. As such, supplementing with vitamin K2, when you have an impaired thyroid, will help to manage your vitamin D, and calcium for that manner, while your thyroid itself is addressed more thoroughly. This will help to prevent a build-up of calcium in the blood which could result in kidney stones and take some of the load off the impaired thyroid gland.

If your thyroid is working well, however, vitamin K2 can still be beneficial. The thyroid plays a role in nerve function as well as energy levels. K2 helps your cells to produce more energy and there is a correlation that K2 may help to improve your nerves’ performance. As such, vitamin K2 is quite beneficial for improving athletic performance, as well as dealing with numbness and tingling in the hands and feet which are associated with some conditions.

Everything in your body is connected. While this is a frustrating fact when it comes to dealing with a problem such as hypothyroidism, which can wreck many aspects of your body’s function, it also means there are several ways to approach and resolve an issue. Next week I will finish up this series on vitamin K2 with what you need to look out for when considering using this supplement.

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