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I have spoken before about a number of supplements which may be useful to reduce your pain, improve your nerves, and even help your mood. Recently I had my attention drawn to a supplement I have only briefly touched on, which is K2.

K2 can help your health in a number of ways. K2 has been shown to help with:

bone density
preventing cavities and slowing cavity development
improving energy
improving athletic performance
improving the body’s use of magnesium
improving your nervous system function
helps the body produce insulin
suppresses cancerous gene expression
optimizes sex hormones

If you are suffering from chronic pain, fatigue, menopause, diabetes, or loss of bone density, I am certain you can see how K2 could benefit you.

So a number of you may be thinking ‘I get plenty of K2 from my diet, I eat leafy green vegetables, so my K2 levels are good’. Unfortunately, that may not be the case. K1 is found in leafy green veggies such as spinach, kale, etc., but K2 comes from different food sources which are typically lacking in the standard American diet. K2 is produced in your intestines and can be found in fermented cheeses, egg yolks, chicken livers, and a few other sources. While the body can convert K1 to K2, this process is less than optimal. Much of the K1 you consume is placed in the liver and used to support blood clotting, so it is unavailable for conversion to K2. The Weston A Price diet is a good start, nutritionally for finding natural sources of K2 in fact, Dr. Price called K2 ‘Activator X’ and it was an important part of his protocol for strengthening teeth. Unfortunately, most of the natural sources of K2 available to us in America do not really have much of the supplement so other sources are recommended.

If this article has convinced you to look in to supplementing with K2 you need to know that the form you are looking for at your supplement store will be labeled as MK-7. You may also find some with MK-4, but the MK-7 is what you want, particularly for bone health.

Next week I will go in to the relationship that K2 has with your thyroid and probiotics. If you want to know more about K2 right now, I recommend looking at these articles:

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