So this post is more of a clinic announcements than educational info, but there is plenty to discuss.

30-day Dietary Challenge

I have encouraged many of my clients to consider a Paleo diet, and I have even adapted the practice myself. However, it has been awhile since I did the Whole 30 myself. So if you are wanting a partner in your own health goals, follow me and do your best.  I will be starting this and the challenge listed below, on Monday the 6th of March.

Exercise Challenge

Some of my friends have been persuaded by me to try Freeletics which started as a body weight only intensive exercise program. I have done this twice and feel it is time I get back on it again. The program is adaptive to your own level of fitness but is fairly rigorous. As a way of encouraging my friends and clients, I will be going through the program again myself. Because of specific fitness goals I have in mind, I will be adjusting my own workouts to employ a more gymnastic element at times, as well as martial arts and perhaps more greater distance cardio. I will periodically post my progress on the Facebook page and may have a few workout events on occasion.


The clinic stopped billing out of network insurance a few months ago. However, I recently was referred to a new insurance billing company in state which I have singed on with. If you wish to verify your insurance benefits click on the Price Schedule link at the bottom of the home page then scroll till you see the insurance section and download then e-mail the verification form to the clinic. Please allow three business days for verification of your benefits.

Beyond the out of network billing, by the end of the month the clinic will be in the process of becoming in network with a few providers. This credentialing process takes a number of months, as the insurance companies themselves have to do a lot of processing. However, if you know that you have an insurance benefit for acupuncture and would like to have a provider in network with your company, please contact the clinic and suggest an insurance provider you would like to see us credentialed with.

That is all for now, I look forward to hearing from you on your health and fitness goals and on what insurance you would like to see represented at the clinic.

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